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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. the first blast of winter weather is already underway, ape we have team three coverage for you. we will start with meteorologist kate bilo live from chestnut hill tonight, kate. >> thanks, jessica and nicole. we are waiting for first flakes to fall here we saw cleve down the shore, flakes have already started to fall down the shore and that is the area that will bear the brunt of this first snow of the season but where i stan at morris arboretum in chestnut hill we will get a couple inches as well. not any slouch across any region. we will look at system coming from the south and west. this is same storm that brought that very rare snow to the deep south, snow across texas, lou san, mississippi, alabama through carolinas and snow coming down good clip over portions of virginia. it has started to pick up, across cape may county and sussex county in delaware. that is where we expect it next several hours. that is why these areas will
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over achieve so to speak with this storm because snow will be coming down for longer duration all night and tomorrow there. winter weather alert, winter weather storm warning for south jersey and southern 23rd of delaware. purple is winter weather advisory for 95 corridor bucks county, montgomery county, chester county, lehigh valley, poconos not included. this is an upside down system for our region. snow develops tonight. it is already snowing at the shore. it will move, slowly inland, overnight hours, getting in the city by day break. most of saturday, all day licensing from sun up to sundown the snow will be falling it will taper from west to elater on tomorrow evening. so here without further adue our forecast snow map, coat to go 2 inches in western suburbs two to four in philadelphia and suburbs. four to six plus down the shore. cape may county down into portions of sussex county, delaware they could get seven or eight but we will see mixing in the coast and these
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are for untreated grassy surfaces. road should fair better. we will have much more, chelsea and i will break it down and tell but holiday if he at morris arboretum in a bit. now back to you in the studio. with the season's first snow storm moving up from the south, jersey shore is set to see largest amounts of snow, and snowflakes, they are already falling in cape may county. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in sea isle city, cleve. >> reporter: this heavy snow has been coming for an hour and a half, steady snow, not heavy but stick to go me and starting to stick to the flower bed and grass here in sea isle. i'm at promenade so beautifully decorated there is a whole big thing happening at the shore here in sea isle and i found out is what happening, and i also found out what it takes to get people here safe ly. south jersey transportation authority crew where is busy spraying thousands of gallons of brine to prepare the
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atlantic city expressway foresees opposite first snow storm. preparations here of been going on for last 72 hours. >> once we start looking at staffing levels, material levels, talking about salt, br ine or gasoline for the truck. >> reporter: 8 tons of salt mixed with calcium should more than cover this snowstorm which won't put a freeze on christmastime events. >> well, we have holiday stroll. >> reporter: the sea isle mayor says his business and many others in town aren't too war i had that snow will impact. chamber holiday stroll event on saturday. angel hopes snow only add to the christmas atmosphere at her store. >> it is exciting. i know it doesn't make as many people go out as would but first off, it will be exciting for everybody to have our first snow. >> reporter: mayor says street , sidewalk clearing plans are in place so people can enjoy a winter wonder land at the shore. >> now that we are here maybe some snow, what better place to be then in sea isle city.
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>> reporter: i'm certainly getting in the holiday spirit down here in sea isle, you heard something, somebody yelling, get coal in their stocking. come on down here take your time getting to the shore, make sure thaw leave plenty of room for plow trucks, live from sea isle cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> santa making that list, checking it twice, thanks, cleve. snow preparation -- >> don't yell at my live shot. >> they continue in pennsylvania, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in the maintenance yard in norristown. david, crews have been getting ready for the snow all day long. >> they have, nicole cleve mentioned plow trucks got plenty behind me we will see more of those, going out later tonight, brining started early this morning. crews are taking this one seriously. they have salt ready for the first snow of the season. the salt zones are stacked, ready for whatever comes this way over the next 24 hours. penndot crews at this maintenance yard in norristown
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spent all day getting ready to hit the road. >> we are bringing in 250 trucks for this event, we have more available, we have over 120,000 tons of salt on the ground. >> reporter: johnnies a maintenance director for penndot and tells "eyewitness news" crews began brining the road early friday morning. salt trucks out late friday night and overnight into saturday. traffic analyst were glued to dones of large screens inside penndot operations center in king of prussia friday afternoon. it is real time assessment of what is happening on the road. >> initially we will get out there, we will salt when snow starts to fall once we see accumulations and get our blade down, we will use our plows. >> reporter: brad rodolph is a expects men and says that this room will be staffed throughout the storm. >> timing of the storm could be beneficial because it is overnight into a saturday, saturday morning, less volume on the roadway, it allows us to have more space. >> reporter: if you go to 511
6:06 pm you can track those plowness real time something penndot started to do a few years ago and proved to be successful. crews getting ready to head out here in a few hours. reporting live from norristown , david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, track the snow as it approaches, and get latest forecast anytime just go to our web site at cbs a philadelphia police officer is hospitalized tonight after recovering from a gunshot wound. the officer was hit when another officer opened fire on a pit bull that was attacking an elderly woman. greg argos is live at the hospital where that officer was treated, greg. >> reporter: that is right, guys, that officer fortunately a 34 year-old veteran of the force. four year veteran of the force he was released about two hours ago from temple university hospital. he will be okay. he will make a full recovery. same cannot be said about the 80 year-old woman mauled by a pit bull and this afternoon we are hearing from neighbors of that woman who said this dog
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has been a issue in the past. thirty-four year-old philadelphia police officer, kevin fey, leaving temple university hospital, just hours after being shot. >> he sustained a superficial wound to his right chin. >> reporter: friday afternoon fey, who works in the 39th district rush to this home in the 2900 block of juddson street in north philadelphia. inside a pit bull mauling an 80 year-old woman. >> significant dog by the to her leg area. it looks like, to both legs. pretty serious wound. >> reporter: commissioner richard ross says another responding officer opened fire , striking the dog at least twice and killing him, one of those rounds ricocheted and struck fey in the chin. >> dit not penetrate his chin. it was just the cut/scrape. >> the police came, and we heard some shots and that was it. >> reporter: neighbors say dog with police believe is a pit
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bull has been a issue in this area for a while. >> the dog attacked the woman, and he almost got me too. >> they did what they had to do to try to save this lady and hopefully that will be the end result. >> reporter: commissioner ross says the department is investigating whether the dog was still attacking the woman when the officers shot it or that dog lunged at officers. that will be determined in this investigation, as for that woman, she has serious injuries to her legs and she's still hearing tonight at temple university hospital. that is very latest live here from north philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. also tonight on the west coast eagles of course inching closer to a big match up with the rams. >> sports director don bellies winging it out west in anaheim , don.. >> joining you from angels stadium we have an update from zach ertz. not much has change for him.
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he was limited at practice here today. his status for sunday is still up in the air. now about an hour ago the guys were on the field for practice they wrapped up. their third session here at angels stadium and from what we understand it has been a good week of work. doug pederson revealed that he has had a midnight curfew every night for the guys here and as far as he knows no one has violate that had curfew. once again a good week of work he would even say it is better than a week ago. >> better, would i say better. the guys really home braced the week. no distractions. you know, they came ready. they understood what happened last sunday night. they want to do better by that and make sure to take care of business this week. >> i would say that they are really embracing this whole west coast thing. right now guys are having lunch and they are having, in and out burger, our jessica dean knows all about that.
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>> i love in and out. >> real time in the west coast , exactly from southern california, your school days here, anyway, in and out burger on the menu for eagles right now. coming up late are in sports, guys we will hear about kobe bryant's visit with the bird, don't miss that. >> i can taste it now, don. did you have to mention that at 6:10 when we get hungry during the show. bad timing. >> perfect day for holiday fest as we prepare for snow in our area lets check back with vittoria wood nil chestnut hill. >> there is in place like home and there is no better place to check out beautiful homes during the holidays then chestnut hill. coming up it is christmas holiday house store and is there so much to see. live look now in the poconos, where they are making snow, you'll be getting real stuff soon. winter weather moving n we will check back with kate bilo and chelsea
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we've live look from sea isle, you can see snow coming down we will check back with kate, chelsea for latest storm track in just a couple of minutes. in the meantime, putting smiles on face of patients at children's hospital of philadelphia. that was the mission today for wogl annual radio-a-thon. >> health reporter stephanie stahl was there for the festivities. >> reporter: weeks ago three-year old craig wasn't able to move his left arm, paralyzed from the stroke, but with therapy the little boy painted with a shark face is moving better every day. >> yeah. >> good job. >> reporter: atrium at children's hospital was filled with colorful happy faces for annual wo wog. l radio-a-thon that included art, music, education and more >> we can offer an opportunity for them to engage in normal activities, and cope better were being in the hospital. >> reporter: way for kid to have fun. >> we try no to say we're fun
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people but we are. >> ginger bread man. >> reporter: year-old isabel stays busy with arts and crafts as she is being treated for a brain tumor. >> for a while she wasn't smiling very much. she wasn't feeling well but child life always manager toes bring a smile to her face. >> reporter: it business smiles with fun, distracting activities that are also therapeutic. and fund raising for chop will continue through weekend, last year wogl radio-a-thon collect $310,000 for the hospital. always a fun event, kid had a great time. >> i had to pop in. you were there. just great. >> it is. >> thanks, stephanie. philadelphia's chess nut hill neighborhood is charges specially during the holiday. >> chestnut hill holiday christmas house tourist tomorrow, and vittoria woodill joins with us a preview, tori. >> that is right, chestnut hill, you have history at your fingertips but guess what if you go off of the ad you get to put your foot into some of
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the historic homes that are absolutely gorgeous in, this house tour. take a look because it is starting tomorrow. fill your eyes with glee at the sight of chestnut hill's gorgeous homes, each deck out for the holidays. it is chestnut hill christmas holiday house tour and gene wedgewood of the chestnut hill community association tells me it is in the 24th year of wow being visitors. >> it is liking nothing to someone's home being welcomed for christmas. we will see large houses, small houses, unique architecture, beautifully constructed and they lend itself to the village atmosphere. >> reporter: designer michael moehler says you will catch a feeling of charles dickens. >> if you stay with someone and took them away and say we're england now. i think they would believe you charming, lend itself to christmas. >> reporter: each of the five residential home you will see will sing of a christmas carroll through each of their,
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different dazzling decor and design. >> christmas is one time of the year that should be overtop. >> we get food back, one of the holiday mood and two gives them ideas for decorating, warm, welcoming, as is chestnut hill. >> chestnut hill is, definitely house, if you want tickets to the tour you can get them on line put a lincoln our web site and also it starts atwoodmere museum. but, shannon, danielle can you toss it back to ukee and jessica, back to you, ukee and jessica. happy holidays. we are sending it to kate, kate, over to you. >> happy holiday. >> happy holidays. >> sorry, ukee and jessica. >> thanks, ladies, what a beautiful home tour and great night in chestnut hill or where i am at gorgeous, all lit up morris arboretum, winter garden railway is going on right around me. i'll tell what you kid here
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are going crazy. i saw a little boy running past a year-old saying trains, trains, trains they are so excited and grown ups are too. what we have here is a quarter mile of track. completely natural landscape, is there streams, waterfalls and bridges and trust also behind me. they are actual buildings, built out of natural items. we have acorns, pine cone, roof back we have city hall, philadelphia art museum with the rookie statue built out of natural materials found right here at morris arboretum. it is a gorgeous scene here. this is 20th year for railway and people come out to see it during day, included with your ticket to the garden or friday night lights which is what is happening here right now. it is all lit up. we were saying it will be that much more magical with the little coating of snow on the ground around the trains and that is exactly is what heading our way, first snow of the season is already coming down as you saw down the shore and heading to the city
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overnight. lets talk about what is happening right now. now back inside to meteorologist chelsea inn gram >> skid are excited and also the snow, on the way, storm scan three we have a very expansive system bringing snow down into the deep south making its way in the mid-atlantic and northeast thereafter. we have some snow falling, flakes falling and cape may county as well as, southern atlantic county. also southern delaware. speaking of southern delaware lets get to a cool view of boardwalk plaza, look at these snowflakes. we have a solid coating also on the boards on the trash cans, benches and reduced visibility. we are seeing major flakes fly , so big snowflakes. that is all because of the water content within those flakes. temperatures very close to freeze if you go not slightly above freezing. 33 degrees in wildwood. thirty-six in atlantic city. thirty-seven in philadelphia. that number is dropping overnight.
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look at these winter weather alerts in the deep south, into the mid-atlantic, also to the northe we have winter storm warnings south ande of philadelphia, all of south jersey. also winter weather advisory from philadelphia, on north and west but that is not included let high valley or poconos in northern delaware and that winter weather advisory. tonight all the way into saturday night. now back outside to meteorologist kate bilo, kate, how can we expect things to play out in the overnight hours tonight. >> the whole area will see this snow but it will come in later for some, then others. it is already snowing down the shore. i can tell you as weather geek i was very excited very jealous, the flakes are not falling here but by time sun comes up tomorrow morning most of the area web seeing snow. lets time it out on future weather model, taking you through tonight first and foremost, call soon snow snow moving in the shore points. that is where it will stay. by 3:00 a.m. south jersey and
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delaware will be covering by snow. right through the noon time hour steady snow around the city, you can see mixed line is just along the coast, by midnight tomorrow night snow does taper off. so again what to expect in plenty of moisture. temperatures are marginal. there could be mixing. soil temperatures are warm. that will held down accumulations a bit. most of the accumulation on untreated grassy surfaces but down the shore and band something road could get covered so keep in mind things could get dicey, especially in the four to six plus area bright blue, those spots could see seven or 8 inches of snow in the heavier bands. two to 4 inches in the city and suburbs and coat to go 2 inches to the north and west overnight snow moves n it will be snowing at a decent clip all through the daylight hours tomorrow and that means heading to the army navy game it will be snowing. watching it on cbs-3 it will be nice and cozy where ever you are, it will be cold out there at lincoln financial field. seven day forecast means snow that falls bill not melt all that quickly we will keep it
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today eagles got a lesson in mentality as in kobe bryant , the 18 time all-star, spend something time with the eagles to day and he gave a motivation at chat at the team hotel. this is a picture of kobe hanging out with the guys today. he hung out, he took sometime to take pictures with them and answer their questions, and here's some reaction to what they heard here today from kobe b. >> he had great ward for us. obviously, a legend was in front of us. it was a great opportunity. >> a lot of nba fans on the team, coaches included and staff, and have fun with his career, followed his career a long time, so just a great
6:26 pm
pleasure to have him speak and address the team this morning. >> of course kobe bryant a five time champion a bic time eagles fan hoping that the bird can add hardware to their resume, this year as well. coming to you live from angels stadium i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> back
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meteorologist kate bilo she's in chestnut hill, hi there, kate. >> hi guys, one last check on the forecast, here is home, first snow of the season lets go out to storm scan three for one last look at what is heading our way. it is snowing at the shore, snowing in southern delaware and that snow is going to be moving up in the city through overnight and early morning hours. here's what you can expect four to 6 inches, seven or until spots down short in southern delaware and winter storm warning there. winter weather advisory in the city for two to 4 inches and coat to go 2 inches in our far northwestern suburbs, nicole and jessica back to you. and thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wpsg, and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" from new york here's jeff glor.
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>> glor: snow? the sunbelt. a prewinter storm blankets the deep south from texas to georgia. also tonight, new wildfires in california. we are on the front lines. >> reporter: this is one of more than a dozen homes that burned. we watched as firefighters tried to save it, but there was nothing they could do. >> glor: disturbing video of a fatal police shooting is released following a jury verdict. ( gunfire ). >> glor: going door to door to save drivers from a potentially deadly defect. graduation day for c.i.a. k-9s. and steve hartman. what beats two of a kind? >> we have the same heart,


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